It was in mid-2014 that we created “Peruvian Debate Society” (PDS), a new debate team that has managed to position itself as one of the best in only three years. As part of PDS I have participated as a delegate in Harvard National Model United Nations 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts; Harvard World Model United Nations 2016 in Rome, Italy; and Harvard National Model United Nations 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. Furthermore, I have also participated as Faculty Advisor for several conferences, and I am flying off to Montreal, Canada next week as Faculty Advisor of PDS for Harvard World Model United Nations 2017.

Promotora Internacional de Debates (PRIDE Peru) was also founded in mid-2014, aiming to further expand MUN in Peru. We are currently working in several projects to guarantee the best MUN experience for all of you. Last year we organized several conferences, including the Ivy League Model United Nations and Conference Peru (ILMUNC) 2016, the first high-school international MUN conference ever to be held in our country. Working together with the staff from University of Pennsylvania was an amazing experience, and we invite you all to participate in ILMUNC Peru 2017, which will be held in November 2017. Furthermore, our staff from PRIDE Peru played an essential role in the organization of Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America 2017, a project we hope can be repeated again soon. These experiences have helped us learn much more about the organization of prestigious international conferences, and we want to use these standards for the organization of our national conferences. We strongly believe that MUN will keep growing in Peru, and we want you all to be part of this.

It has taken years for me to get to where I am now, but I want to encourage you all to continue participating in MUN conferences or start participating if you have not attended one before. I did not have the opportunity to do MUN in high-school, as it was not very well known at the time. However, you have the chance to start doing MUN at an earlier stage that I did, and I really encourage you to do so. If you are afraid of speaking in public and you believe that MUN is not for you, then think again. I started doing MUN as a challenge to myself, as I was terrified of speaking in public. After years of practice I managed to overcome my fear, and I often encourage delegates to do the same. Winning awards is not the most important part of the experience. The best part of the MUN experience is learning and sharing with your teammates. The skills you will develop and improve with these experiences will help you throughout your whole academic and professional lives, and these are skills that cannot just be taught at school. So take advantage of the opportunities you have and keep doing MUN! I promise this conference will be the best one yet, but I need your commitment to help us expand MUN in Peru. Invite your friends to participate in VMMUN and other MUN conferences, and if you need our help to convince them, just let us know. If you want to be part of our projects, just reach out to us. We are always excited about including more MUN lovers in our projects.

VMMUN is just two months away, and we have been working tirelessly to make sure that you all have the best experience of your lives. I am extremely excited about this project, and I hope you can all participate!

Please reach out to me if there is anything I can help you with.

See you in two months!

Best regards,

Pilar Lindley
​Secretary General, VMMUN 2017

Dear delegates,

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you all to the second session of Villa Maria Model United Nations (VMMUN). As many of you know, this project was born two years ago from the initiative of PRIDE Peru as we tried to expand the Peruvian high-school MUN circuit. We believe in the importance of promoting MUN projects as part of an integral education, which is why we currently work with several schools by training their MUN teams and helping organize their MUN conferences. Nevertheless, VMMUN has become one of our key projects, and as a Villamarian it is my favorite MUN conference, which is we aim to continue to make it grow every year.

I personally love MUN because of the benefits it offers to those who engage in this activity. I started doing MUN in 2011, when I applied to become part of “Peruvian Universities” (PU), the best and only university level MUN team at the time. I had the opportunity of training with them for three years, and I participated in Harvard World Model United Nations 2012 in Vancouver, Canada; Harvard World Model United Nations 2013 in Melbourne, Australia; and Harvard World Model United Nations and 2014 in Brussels, Belgium as part of “Peruvian Universities”. During these years, I did not only learn how to do MUN, but I met hundreds of people in Peru and abroad, who have now become my closest friends. Furthermore, during these years I was elected as Under Director General and then Director General of AENU Peru, the association that manages “Peruvian Universities”, leading me to participate in MUN through much more than just the perspective of a delegate. I had the opportunity to become involved in the organization of MUN projects such as Lima Model United Nations (LiMUN), a project I participated in from its beginnings. My love for this project led me to be part of the staff for three years, with my participation as Secretary General in 2014. With these experiences, I realized that MUN is a powerful tool that can effectively help us improve education in our country, and after LiMUN 2014 I decided to start new projects.